Machine Work

Machined new head gland for a Hydraulic Cylinder.

Aluminum Platforms

Mobile Line Boring

Onsite Line Boring / Onsite Machining


Heavy Duty Dust Containment Building ( Mobile )

Small Mobile Processing Plant

Tank Skid Complete Shipping Both Skids


Motor Skid Painted Tank Skid Painted Motor Skid Painted 2 Motor Skid Fabrication Motor Skid Complete

Hot Salt Tank

We recently fabricated this 26′ Stainless Steel Vessel for a customer.

Hot Salt Vessel Load Out


Existing tank we harvested some flanges and nozzles from.

Existing Tank

Fabrication Pictures Hot Salt Vessel Sideways Hot Salt Vessel Shop Fab Pic Hot Salt Vessel Shop Fab Pic 2 U-7660 Fab Pic

Hot Salt Vessel Cap Hot Salt Vessel Shell Hot Salt Vessel Sumps Hot Salt Vessel Harvested Nozzel WHot Salt Vessel Harvested Nozzel 2





Skid Steer Lifting Eyes and Rear Bumpers

Skid Steer Rear Bumper Skid Steer Lifting Eye

Trailer Platform

We are currently working on fabricating and install 25 stainless steel platforms on trailers. Emergency Shut Off IMG_1524
Platform on Trailer 1 IMG_1491 IMG_1494 Trailer Walkway Platform

6 pack welders

We recently fabricated some 6 pack welding machine racks. 6 pack welding machine racks 6 pack welding machine racks

Robot Welding Parts

Some parts we recently welded in the robot welding cell. Robotic Welding IMG_2158